Photo: Penrith Conservative Club

About the Conservative Club

The original building was built in the early 19th century and was originally a private residence. In 1882 the property was bought by The Earl of Lonsdale - founder of the Lonsdale Belt in boxing and renowned as the ‘Yellow Earl’ (the colour later adopted by the Automobile Association). The Conservative Club was established in 1882 and the premises were leased and occupied from February 1883.

The club bought the site in 1952. It was still then just the main house building but, at that point, there was extensive land to the rear which held tennis courts and a bowling green. These slowly disappeared and since then the club has gradually expanded its function facilities. We now have a welcoming ‘Front Lounge’, a 'Middle Lounge restaurant', a concert suite, the Backyard beer garden, a pool room and a snooker room, both with two tables. We also have private parking.

Photo: Hugh Lowther, 5th Earl of Lonsdale